Winding down with film photography

I’ve experimented for a couple of years with a number of cameras (about 15, I think) and film stocks. I’ve decided that film photography is interesting but not something I’ll devote much time to in the future. The catalyst was when my favourite 35mm camera, my Ricoh 500G, died of shutter-button-falling-off-itis a few weeks ago. I have only been able to afford relatively – sometimes very – cheap cameras. Although 1 or 2 have been surprisingly capable, I think I would really need to spend hundreds of pounds on a good quality outfit to get results that pleased me. A Contax G1 with 45mm planar lens, for example!

And of course, the process of shooting, getting film developed, scanning and editing seems very long-winded and surprisingly expensive.

So I have been out and bought a Fuji X100T to accompany my Lumix G7, and sold all the film gear that could fetch a decent amount of money. I still have some cheapo film cameras and several rolls of film. When the mood takes me I might shoot a roll or two. You never know. Film photography might lure me in again.

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