Pentax Auto 110

I’ve been after one of these tiny marvels for ages. Something about miniature cameras really fascinates me. Reading all the reviews of how good the viewfinder is, and seeing some quite excellent images taken with one on Flickr convinced me that I really had to get one.

After a little while looking, I found a very nice little example with the 24mm lens for a reasonable price – £33. To go with it I got 2 rolls each of mono and colour film from Lomography.

Initial impressions were excellent. I had forgotten how easily 110 cartridges are loaded (open camera, insert cartridge, close camera, wind a couple of strokes). The viewfinder really is bright and clear. The 24mm lens (handily, 110 is almost identical to micro four-thirds in crop factor so that equates to 48mm) focuses down to 40cm. And it weighs next to nothing!

So I took the wee beastie out in the garden, and for a few strolls in the lanes around my house, loaded with the Lomo Orca 100 mono film, and afterwards sent the film off to the Silverpan lab in Bristol for dev/ scanning. (Not the quickest service but really good to to deal with and very good value for 110 processing).

Here are a few examples. All have had fairly standard treatment in Lightroom (shadows/highlights/sharpening). Some other frames showed a pattern of white dots which Silverpan reckoned are causes by light leaking through the Lomography film backing paper. To stop that, they recommend sticking tape over the frame counter window. We’ll see what effect that has for the next roll.

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