It’s Micro Four-Thirds for me now

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You can’t say I haven’t given Fuji a good go. I’ve had many of their cameras now – I reckon 7 altogether. They’re all appealing, but there’s just something about them that doesn’t suit me. Now my Lumix G7 undoubtedly has marginally lower image quality than the Fuji APS-C cameras. But it’s just so easy to use! The controls are very customisable and fall easily to hand. It’s nice and light, even with a 12-60 zoom attached. The viewfinder is great. There is nothing to dislike about it. Here are some of my photos.

So, I’ve sold my X100T and bought a Lumix GX9 with a 12-32 lens. It’s about the same weight as the X100T, but has a tilty screen and a tilty viewfinder. That viewfinder is not half as bad as people say it is. I just needed to twirl the diopter adjustment all the way, and everything is sharp.

I’ve also now bought a Lumix 35-100 lens, and a 7 Artisans 60mm macro lens. The two little lenses will make a perfect travel kit with the GX9 for when space is tight. Yes, it’s Micro Four-Thirds for me all the way now. Until I change my mind again!

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